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We are dedicated to protecting all LIEN right aspects efficiently, accurately and timely. Through years of experience and countless twists and turns of Lien Law Codes and Statues. EVERY job should include a NOTICE-TO-OWNER REGARDLESS! Our advanced interactive web site significantly reduces our clients notice costs...in fact it's FREE...you just pay the shipping!*

The on-line Notice-To-Owner aspect of our site is a real-time interactive service that allows you to enter your NOTICE REQUEST, print out your confirmation copies and view the status directly and immediatley. There is no charge for our Notice-To-Owner service...you just pay the mailing costs!*

Contact Us Nationwide At: 1-888-760-LIEN (5436)

We are insured for Errors & Omissions

*Mailing costs are based on large envelope/certified return reciept/0.5 ounces


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